Climate Visuals

Climate Outreach

Every day, thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world. A more compelling and diverse visual language for climate change is urgently required, so Climate Outreach created Climate Visuals, an evidence-based image library.

The context

How to create a library of images, sourced from a variety of agencies and marked up by the Climate Visuals team? And - importantly - how to increase the engagement by using photography to help explain the project.

The solution

We explored different types of image gallery and filter and helped rationalise the categorisation of the content. Our design team developed the logo and came up with a striking visual introduction of the themes of the site and engaging presentation of the long-form article pages.


The site has seen increased traffic and user engagement, with greater numbers of referrals to the source agencies. It has become a beacon project for the client, who are using it to explain and promote their activities.