Ethical Policy

The co-op opposes all prejudice and discrimination on grounds of age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender or class. It will seek instead to promote a plurality of lifestyles and cultures. The co-op opposes the economic, social and sexual oppression of women. It will promote full employment, appropriate childcare and the social wage. The co-op recognizes each human being’s right to control their own bodies, including during pregnancy, and in conducting dangerous activities or lifestyles.

The co-op upholds the right of the collective and the individual to self-determination, free from the threat of violence, harassment, theft, extortion and exploitation. The co-op defends the rights to free speech, free expression, free assembly and freedom to pursue individual and collective goals, insofar as these rights do not impinge on the rights of another. The co-operative is actively opposed to all forms of political and cultural repression or discrimination which denies the capabilities and potentials of the individual.

The co-operative opposes the invention, development, manufacture, sale and use of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons and the irresponsible transfer and disproportionate use of conventional weapons.

The co-op supports, where appropriate, common ownership of the means of industrial and cultural production and distribution (housing, education and health), as a move toward non-exploitative ways of working. The principles of equality of opportunity, an egalitarian system of wealth, ownership, and control, and collective and individual rights guide this co-op in its policy.

The co-operative is, and will remain, independent of all political parties and organisations. Its attitude to any political party will be guided by the extent to which its policies and practices accord with the objectives of the co-operative.